Pixealo Photo Booth | Green Screen Photography

We help you engage guests on-site and on-line. We work with you to integrate technology into your events and build buzz that lasts long after the party has finished.

We've provided green screen photo activation services in many of engagement marketing environments including:

  • product launch
  • sporting events
  • concerts and music festivals
  • promotional tours
  • trade shows
  • retail locations
  • fan festivals


The final custom-branded photos can be printed onsite as:

•  2 X 6 photo strip (with 3 or 4 photos in the strip)
•  4 X 6 photo
•  5 X 7 photo



Space Requirement: 10'x10'

Contact Us to get a quote.


green_screen_in_puerto_rico 4green_screen_in_puerto_rico 4 green_screen_in_puerto_rico 3green_screen_in_puerto_rico 3 green_screen_in_puerto_rico 2green_screen_in_puerto_rico 2 green_screen_in_puerto_rico 5green_screen_in_puerto_rico 5